Screen-Time Junkie

Yesterday I literally had screen time from the time I woke up to the time I went to bed. My alarm went off, I lit up my phone, checked in on my calendar for the day, and sent a text or two. I swiped open my Kindle, read a couple chapters, opened my laptop and tapped out some notes from the book.

After dressing, I worked at my computer through breakfast and lunch, then opened my personal computer over dinner to write a couple blog posts.

I finished the night by cleaning out my inbox and somehow opening a file that wouldn’t shut down without a password I couldn’t remember. Determined, I stayed up an extra 30 minutes until I finally figured out how to force the damn thing closed. I played a game on my phone for a few minutes in bed before I finally fell into what was, not surprisingly, a fitful sleep.

Stop shaking your head and wagging your finger at me. I bet you thought I was all gardens and crochet hooks, didn’t you? Yesterday wasn’t typical and it was even a little too much for this digital junkie. It’s no wonder my brain is foggy and I’m closing one eye just to focus on this text.

As usual, the universe reached out to intervene.

  • My daughter reminded me of the necessity to recharge in nature.
  • A good friend reminded me of the power of just being.
  • A meeting with a colleague reminded me of the joy of talking face to face.
  • Pinterest suggested I click on a link for 52 ways to simplify my life.

Wait . . . what?

Can they maybe simplify that list?

My point is, it’s about balance. I can’t repeat days like yesterday any more than I can eat potato chips and ice cream every day. Sooner or later you need a piece of broccoli and some down-time to just be.

And the thing about balance is that it’s not something you achieve. It’s a practice. So yesterday I was just a little off balance, but . . . it beats the alternative . . .

Are You Living a Life of Balance or Control?


Trying to make sense of it all and . . . for the most part . . . doing it.

2 thoughts on “Screen-Time Junkie

  1. I think you are perfectly balanced. Just not all in the same day. I have days like that and the next one is the total opposite. I call a balance life going through it with a cookie in each hand…no matter what else I’m doing. Love this.

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