Best Potholders Ever

A couple weeks ago I went to the local Target to find a potholder or two. I found silicone ones that looked like a puppet but they didn’t fit my hands very well. There were cloth ones with pockets for your fingers but no way to hang them up. There were just-right potholders, but each one came with a matching oven mitt. I wanted two potholders. I didn’t want two potholders with two matching oven mitts.

That’s when I remembered how much I loved the potholders I crocheted for myself a few years back. The ones the dog ate. Well, that guy’s not a mischievous puppy anymore, so I’m probably safe to make myself a new pair.

I crafted a fun set with lime green and variegated purples and yellow. They were just about finished and ready to hang on the fridge when we were invited to the house of some friends we hadn’t seen since before The Covid began. They ended up making a lovely hostess gift.

But I still needed potholders.

Work in Progress

So as soon as I finished the first of a pretty purple pair, I thought, wouldn’t this make a nice gift for when I visit my friends at their cabin? So in between trying to keep up with this 30-day blog challenge (yes, I know I missed a couple days already), I’m madly weaving my hook around the second in the set. Maybe I can work on my own set at the cabin . . . I wonder if retirement is going to be this hard?

Whether or not you’ve enlisted in retirement boot camp like myself, you might want to try crochet for yourself. My very first project was this warm hat by Jayda in Stitches, and I found the tutorial for the Best Potholders Ever on the same channel!

Peace! . . .


Trying to make sense of it all and . . . for the most part . . . doing it.

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