Pour Some Tea for Two and Speak My Point of View

All any of us can do is to speak our point of view, sane or not.  This song started my day off on the right “note.”  Still working my Happiness Project!  Enjoy . . .

peace . . .


Trying to make sense of it all and . . . for the most part . . . doing it.

8 thoughts on “Pour Some Tea for Two and Speak My Point of View

    1. I love the video. How the quirky little girl finally finds friends. Haven’t we all felt quirky in need of a kindred spirit at some point?

  1. I so relate to the little girl trying to find that acceptance and a place to really fit her authentic self. Reading the Happiness Project too but it seems geared to the younger person. Guess you are supposed to have all the answers by the time you are my age. 🙂 Cute video.

    1. I love that girl in the video, and how she just doesn’t give in to what everyone else wants her to be.

      I don’t parent young children any more, but other than that, I hadn’t really thought about it being geared toward younger people. I’m more worried about how I am supposed to keep up each step while adding 3 or 4 more ones the next month. That’s 33 to 44 by month eleven, and the twelfth month, she just reviews them all. I know I can’t fit in 44 more things into my each day. It just won’t happen. So it has to be what I can make it — and want to make it. I like putting more intention into my day, rather than just riding the tide and waiting for the weekend.

      Thanks for stopping by and making me think some more!

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