Valentine’s Day Game-ON!


I’m so tired of hearing about how everyone hates Valentine’s Day.  You might reply, “That’s easy for you to say, you have Bubba.”  Let me tell you a thing about Bubba and me.  We refuse to assimilate to the expectations of modern society.  In other words, we are disgusted by holidays that get all blown out of proportion because someone is trying to make a buck.

  • Are you dreading Valentine’s Day because you don’t have anyone to share it with?  Share it with a friend, an offspring, or go take your mom and/or dad out to dinner for crying out loud!  If you really don’t have ANYone who wants to be with you for a couple of hours, you have more problems than worrying about getting a heart-shaped box of chocolates.
  • Are you spending hours trying to come up with an original Valentine’s gift?  Let me clue you in.  If she/he is going to be disappointed because you didn’t come up with something that has never been thought of before, you should be spending those hours trying to find a way out.
  • Are you hoping for a proposal?  Isn’t that rather trite?  How about Friday, September 13th.  Now that’s a good day for a proposal!
  • Are you lamenting over how to propose?  Wowing someone with a ring is easy.  It’s the next 50 years that get tricky.  You’re setting the bar here.  Make sure you set it low enough that you have room to raise it every 5 years or so.  You’re going to need that wiggle room.  I’d also like to know why we don’t hear about women proposing?  Aren’t we supposed to be all equal and everything?


Before you go criticizing me for being a romantic party-pooper, let me tell you that I am very romantic.  I think that covering me with a blanket after I’ve fallen asleep on the couch is a sign of true love.  Talking to me about the philosophical significance of The Tree of Life is a turn on.  Bringing home Sezchuan on Friday night is the fastest way to my heart, and possibly heartburn, but I digress.  I love love.  This is all I require, but I require it constantly.  Not just every February 14th.  On February 14th Bubba and I like to gorge ourselves on some of those mini pink and red cupcakes and joke about how we didn’t need reservations.


Have I depressed you yet?  Good.  Let’s pick up our spirits with a little game.  Everyone gets a prize, so you can’t lose!

  1. How It Works:  This is an instant-win game beginning immediately and ending at 11:59:59 PM PT February 15th, 2013 (The day after Valentine’s Day).  One Grand Prize will also be available to be won during the promotion period.  In addition there will be a First Prize(s) available to be won during this promotion period.  The Grand Prize will be revealed online at by Sunday, February 17th, 2013 at 11:59:59 PM PT.  See Rule #5 for Prize details available to be won during promotion period.  No purchase is necessary, nor is it possible.
  2. Eligibility:  The Game is open to all married, single, divorced, partnered, widowed registrants ages 2 or older as of the date of participation.  Employees of WholeyJeans World Headquarters (Barney, Sabbath, and Bun), and promotion agencies (Bubba) are not eligible.  All federal, state, local, and especially household laws apply.
  3. How To Register:  Any time between now and the end of the promotion period (see Rule #1), submit your entry in the comment section of this post.  Entry must include 1) Participant’s intended recipient (by description only — no name required), and 2) Detail of how you played/will play the game (See Rule #4).  Then click “post comment” to successfully complete your registration.
  4. How to Play:  Participant must choose a non-romantic recipient to acknowledge for Valentine’s Day, such as a favorite cashier, co-worker, administrative assistant, receptionist, neighbor, server, or anyone Participant sees regularly, but has never acknowledged for Valentine’s Day.  Participant may acknowledge their recipient through email, verbally, anonymously, by card/gift/song, through postal delivery, or any other generosity.  Recipient must know this benevolence is in celebration of Valentine’s Day, and understand why they are appreciated by Participant.
  5. Available Game Prizes:  The Grand Prize and First Prize(s) will be revealed online at by the end of the day on Sunday, February 16, 2013.  The winners of the Grand Prize and First Prize(s) will be at the discretion of WholeyJeans.
    • Grand Prize:  An Official Cupid’s Arrow through the heart, and top mention on the Prize Reveal Post on Sunday, February 17, 2013.
    • First Prize(s):  Authenticated Valentine Hugs (kisses if appropriate) and mentions on the Prize Reveal Post on Sunday, February 17, 2013.
    • Honorable Mentions:  May be awarded as necessary.
    • Instant Prize Winners:  Every Participant is an Instant Prize Winner!  Instant Prize will be awarded upon completion of Game Rule #4 in the form of heartfelt joy, a smile to be worn across the face, and a positive attitude adjustment toward Valentine’s Day.
    • All winners will be linked to their related blogs, if applicable.  All winners will be notified by comment reply to their registration.
  6. Release of Liability:  By accepting any Prize, Winners (and parent/legal guardian if Winner is a minor in his/her state of residence) agree to hold Employees of WholeyJeans World Headquarters (Barney, Sabbath, and Bun), and promotion agencies (Bubba) harmless against any and all claims of giddiness, kindness, or softening of the heart arising out of acceptance, redemption, and/or use of any Prize.


Now go find your unsuspecting target.
Game on!


Trying to make sense of it all and . . . for the most part . . . doing it.

37 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Game-ON!

  1. I just bought little boxes of conversation hearts for the girls in the office and Snoopy valentines for the lab. I agree that it is all what you make it to be. I could however live without all of the jewelry commercials, they tend to trigger my gag reflex. I hope you and Bubba enjoy your cupcakes!

    1. OH! The jewelry commercials. Don’t get me all fired up now. If all I knew of women was what I learned on those ads, I would be ashamed to call myself one!

  2. This is too fun, you out did yourself, Jean. This year a neighbor will be my recipient, her and her partner of 25 years are finding it harder and harder to find a reason to be happy and want to continue living with their on-going health concerns. But as an added twist I will be having my grand children deliver their valentines as it’s the little ones that seem to perk them up the most. Btw, did I ever tell you Jean is my middle name?

    1. What a spectacular middle name! Ha!

      You are going to multiply the instant win by several times by adding in the grandchildren! Great idea!

      Consider yourself registered!

      1. Congratulations! You have been awarded the Grand Prize! I know you didn’t mean to register, but how could I resist? Just like America’s Funniest Home Videos, the ones with the kids always have the best chance at coming away with the $10,000. If only I had that kind of dough to pass out!!!

  3. Oh the pressure of this day! You are so right! This is a wonderful idea! Spreading joy….I already mailed “surprise” chocolates to a bloggy friend….but that doesn’t count as I did it before your post! But you have inspired me and I will be sending Valentines to three aquaintances who immediately came to mind while reading your challenge. (D, B & T) p.s. cupcakes = the best! paula ♥

  4. LOVED this post! I was feeling a little blue but you just put the pink back in my cheeks. I don’t need to be in the contest but you have inspired me to send some flowers to my still ex-sister-in-law. She calls me each week when her hubby is traveling and we chat for an hour. 2000 miles apart but always in each others heart. Thanks for warming mine.

    1. I added a prize category. I can do that, because I run this place. I have awarded you honorable mention for the miles you crossed with your benevolence! Congratulations!

      1. Thank you so much. My sister-in-law was so surprised to get a beautiful boquet of flowers from me. It did my heart a world of good so I win all the way around. 🙂

    1. I’m so glad you’re joining in! In-laws! Great targets.

      I have decided on a particularly prickly recipient. I’m not sure what she likes. I’m not sure she likes anything, so I have my work cut out for me!

      1. My freshman college roommate and I were not the best of friends however I decided that I was going to see her as a star and wanted to help lighten the air between us, so I gave her a star candle. Not sure if that helps but I know the feeling of trying to figure out what to give when your not sure what they want to receive.

  5. Ok … so someone I have NOT acknowledged before…that I see regularly…

    I went and bought a card today … and when I stop off at my regular coffee stop in the morning … I will give them my card *smiles*

    They are always wonderfully nice in the morn.

      1. And there’s the prize! I had SUCH a great Valentine’s Day this year. Partly, because I got a really big instant win, but also because I knew there were other people who were trying it too because they read this. Okay, and partly because I was wearing red pants, red, shirt, red ruffled sweater, heart earrings and red heart socks. I got a lot of smiles!

    1. Congratulations on winning first prize! I like how you took it to the next level, recognizing an employee from an establishment you frequent. That takes a lotta pluck!

      1. *smiles* ….yahhh…thank you Jean….it was a good contest….the BAM! Instant win was good…now a 1st place….oohhhhhhhh *does a victory dance*….

        You deserve a prize too though….

        *gives you the WholyGreatContest prize for showing us that Valentine’s can also be shared with whomever we wish to share it with*

      2. My prize was seeing other people inspired and making other peoples’ days brighter. Maybe next year they will all pass it forward. We could start something. But I’ll take a WholyGreatContest prize too! And do my victory dance around my laptop . . . WOOT WOOT!

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